Projects and Refrences

Computerized intercom system for Tel Hashomer Hospital

A fully digital computerized intercom system manufactured by AsaCom is installed in the hospital.  The system has more than 2,500 extensions of different types – office extensions, door extensions and OR (operating-room) extensions.  14 intercom exchanges are integrated in the system and each is connected to up to 300 subscribers.  An optic fiber connects the exchanges to each other.  All extensions in the hospital can be connected to each of the other extensions by means of speed dial.

An advanced public address device operates in the system which makes the address of various groups of subscribers possible as well as a public address for times of emergency.  According to the requirements of the Emergency Unit of the Ministry of Health, the system was modified in a way that the emergency centers set in the hospital are connected to the main emergency center in order to receive crucial emergency calls and to establish quick communication during these emergency situations.  In addition, an interface is connected to the main intercom system for reporting malfunctions in the hospital's elevators.  These reports are carried out through the computerized system and communicated to an emergency center so that the people inside the elevator during the time of malfunction can be taken care of.

The system is fully digital including a communication channel between the exchanges and the extensions, which is considered a major advantage.  The installation of the digital system in the hospital complies with severe safety instructions of such an institution and prevents interruptions to medical instrumentation in sensitive areas.

Intercom system for outdoor environmental conditions in the Cranes of Ashdod Port

Quality intercom systems manufactured by the Zenitel Concern, Model PRO700, are installed in Ashdod Port.  The systems enable quality and reliable communication between the workstations of the various operators of the large and mobile cranes.  The system operates under especially harsh conditions – loud noise, wet, corrosive and salty outdoor surroundings which are a result of proximity to seawater.  The system is based on advanced digital technology which enables saving of wires and high audio quality.

Public address systems on the premises of the Herzelia Business Park

A high quality public address and evacuation system which includes control of the good working order of amplifiers and loudspeaker lines is installed in every building on the premises of the Herzlia Business Park.  The logic of operation implemented in this site includes the evacuation operation based on the N+1 principle, the public address to various areas and clusters and a general public address system to the compound as a whole.  Hundreds of loudspeakers of various kinds are installed in the site, including loudspeakers for installation on the ceiling, in open areas (high spaces) and in outdoor yards.  In order to control the systems, all buildings in the compound are connected to one main control room.  The system is used both for public address during emergency and background music, mainly in the elevator areas and in the commercial center.

Public address systems for the LAN Network – Intel Plants

During the years, Ram-Tel has installed in the various plants of Intel highly reliable and quality evacuation and public address systems during emergency which meet the severe standards of this international corporation.  The public address systems which were installed and are installed in the Intel Plants are characterized by a maximum level of reliability and a high audio clarity for the purpose of transmitting instructions during emergency.  The public address and evacuation systems are regularly controlled with respect to the functionality monitoring of the amplifiers and the loudspeaker lines.  Some of the audio accessories are installed in clean-rooms and are modified to the specific requirements compatible with these surroundings.

All the systems installed in the Intel Plants are connected through the LAN Network to a central control room for the purpose of providing central command and control during an emergency event.  Ram-Tel elected the implementation of this important project due to Intel's special need for a high standard public address system which covers wide areas of ten thousands of square meters in every plant.

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